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I am a Postnatal Doula and Infant Feeding Specialist. As a postnatal doula, I provide ‘wrap around’ care for a new family, so they can ease into the next stage of parenthood. Not only does this include light housework and nourishing meals, but the company of an experienced mother (me) who has an open, non-judgemental ear. This emotional support, encouragement and assurance for new mother is what will help keep the possibility of postnatal depression away. Top tips for winding, helping baby to sleep, bathing, and much more!

As an Infant Feeding Specialist, I’m called out for help with breastfeeding. My support for women has included helping them to latch their babies, to express milk by hand or pump, to feed twins, to deal with sore or damaged nipples, and to breastfeed babies on the neo-natal unit. In addition, I have provided education about the value of colostrum and breastmilk, skin to skin, feeding patterns, sleep patterns, cranial osteopathy, and the possible changes mums might see in their bodies.