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Woodley Hypnobirthing

Linda has supported women and their families for over 20 years through their pregnancies, birth and postnatally. She is passionate about this very important time and has previously worked as an NCT antenatal practitioner, placenta remedy specialist, a reflexologist and massage therapist. She has now returned to offering birth doula support.

Since adding Hypnobirthing in 2018 Linda now loves to combine her years of knowledge and experience in her Hypnobirthing courses. This will also include information and guidance for birth partners on how to be supportive and involved during the pregnancy, labour and birth.

Linda knows how effective hypnobirthing techniques can be and her aim is to help you have a calm positive birth wherever or however you give birth: in a maternity unit, at home, in water, during an induction, assisted birth or a caesarean birth.