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Desk Set up and Exercises for Working from Home

Working from home? Sharing workspace or equipment? Constant Zoom calls?

Being stuck at your desk all day either for work or study can lead to neck, shoulder and arm problems as well as low back pain and headaches.

Join us for a fun and interactive session designed to let you know the best ways to set up your workspace as well as learning some simple and effective stretches to help relieve the tension in your muscles.

Susan Martin

Susan Martin is a Soft Tissue and Scarwork™ Therapist based in Lower Earley. She works from home and uses hands-on techniques including Deep Tissue Massage, Assisted Stretching and Remedial Exercises to help those people who like to lead an active, healthy and pain-free life.

After almost 30 years of working in the office of a large Multinational company, Susan took early retirement in 2016 and retrained for her current career. She also has a long history of sports participation and coaching, primarily in Swimming and Triathlon. These two elements give her a wealth of experience to help clients deal with their aches and pains caused by Working Posture, Manual Labour and minor Sports Injuries.

Susan Martin
Susan Martin