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How can I organise my home office efficiently?

A desk piled high with papers or an overflowing in-tray can do more than just make things difficult to find. They truly affect your sense of calm and well-being. If you can declutter the spaces around you, you will find that your head seems decluttered too and you feel less mentally overwhelmed. Plus, you’ll have extra time to do more important things – work or recreational – if you don’t spend hours just trying to find your passport or driver’s license!

Claire will share some top tips on handling every day paperwork, storage solutions and her top 3 recommended office gadgets!

About Claire

Claire Lawrence is a professional organizer and declutterer based in Woodley who offers personal, caring and sensitive home decluttering, sorting and organizational solutions to people who want help getting their home storage and filing back on track.

She enjoys turning her hand to clearing lofts and garages, building IKEA furniture, organising kitchens and the many other jobs that come her way. However mostly she specialises in setting up household paperwork systems and offering ongoing support to stay on top of the paperwork and admin that never seems to stop arriving in all our houses!

Claire Lawrence
Claire Lawrence