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What is a Virtual Assistant and why would you need one?

The talk will explain what a virtual assistant is, what they can do, and what value they bring. The talk will also look at how you can identify the tasks you may wish to outsource and also show how you manage the process and track tasks. This will be done using a few simple case studies and some of the businesses might sound like yours or people who you network with and speak to on a regular basis.

Darren & Sarah

My wife, Sarah, and I have joined up to form Delegate Business Support Services as this was an opportunity to run our own business and bring together our skill set and years of experience working in a variety of roles. We live in Woodley and being part of the local community is very important to us both.

Over the years, we have worked with some fantastic PAs and Business Managers and working with great support people is worth its weight in gold. We believe that taking the overhead of administration away from small businesses and entrepreneurs ultimately increases the success of any business.

Darren Shrubb from Delegate Business in Woodley