Ellie Highwood profile

Diversity and inclusion is a hot topic in large organisations and indeed society. However it’s sometimes harder to think about the advantages of being consciously inclusive for smaller businesses. This talk will give you some ideas as to why, and how, to ensure you aren’t missing out on clients, and how to grow your inclusive mindset in general.

Ellie Highwood is a Diversity and Inclusion consultant who works with organisations large and small to help ensure they have meaningful equality, diversity and inclusion strategies and action plans so that they, and their employees, can thrive.

From developing or revising strategies, to facilitating staff consultations, to providing a wide range of training for individuals or teams, Ellie provides a bespoke service in an area where one size definitely does not “fit” all. Ellie is also an accredited coach and works with scientists, academics and researchers on career development, work-life balance or blend and career change. Ellie learnt her skills over 20+ years as a climate scientist and lecturer and 5 years as Dean for Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Reading and trained at Henley Business School. She has been self-employed since 2019.