DMS Custom Install Ltd (DMS CI Ltd) is an Audio Visual systems integrator that brings a fresh and vibrant approach to the marketplace. With over 30 years’ experience, we also specialise in cutting-edge User Experience Research labs, Video Conferencing (VC), meeting collaboration solutions and general AV services which we design, install and maintain. We have solutions for every type of business or public sector project.

If the client chooses so, we can design the solution that best matches the organisation’s needs by carrying out a needs analysis. Besides, using a variety of techniques, we can advise organisations on how best to integrate technology, people and the organisation in order to achieve organisational goals; assess technology needs; develop managers’ and leaders’ skills in dealing with integrating people with technology and the organisation. Moreover, we can help organisations with their usability studies, from inception to execution to implementation of findings

Usability Labs

We are the UK leading UX Labs integration specialist. We use cutting-edge technology to design, install and maintain dedicated User Research spaces to allow clients to concept-test products and services, be it locally on a smartphone, tablet, PC and games consoles, or remotely at a participant’s home, or even simply on a piece of paper! Moreover, our research background puts us in a unique position when it comes to turning an idea into a working solution.

Video Conferencing and Meeting Collaboration

With a wealth of experience in this field also, our technical team has the knowledge and skills to meet your Video Conferencing (VC) and meeting collaboration needs. Whether you want to have employees work remotely or connect with other offices, empowering your team to contribute – no matter where they are – makes for more effective meetings and better productivity, no matter where your based. DMS Custom Install Ltd can offer the right solution which is tailor-made to your organisation’s Agile working needs.